3 Awesome ’80s Toys Making a Comeback This Holiday Season

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By: Jessica Robertson Posted: 6:55 PM, Oct 19, 2016

Looking for some great Christmas gift ideas that the little ones will love, and are a blast from the past? Kristina Guerrero has three totally radical toys from the 1980s that are becoming awesome with a new generation.

1.  Teddy Ruxpin

This smart teddy bear is back and has some major upgrades including LCD eyes, a 4GB hard drive that comes with 40 stories, and he even pairs with your smart device.

2.  Mattel View-Master

The ‘80s version was less educational and more entertaining. Now View-Master and Mattel are bringing it into the 21st century with a new VR experience. You can use your smartphone and apps to explore space and even the deep blue sea. With a simple click of the level you can pull up videos, images, fun facts and play games.

3.  Popples

These marsupial creatures were so popular in the ‘80s they even had a cartoon franchise that swept the U.S. and Europe. Now, they have an updated look and can talk, but they are still the same radical toy we remember and love.

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