3 Awesome Fashion Lines Inspired by Cartoons

No matter how they get drawn, kids of all ages love cartoons — so much that they’re becoming the hottest new fashion trend. Saturday morning is finding its way into your everyday wardrobe so Kristina Guerrero is looking at some of the coolest cartoon couture available.

1.  Love Tribe

This fashion company is pulling at the hipster heartstrings of millennials everywhere with its new line of ’90s-cartoon inspired apparel. Wear your favorite Nickelodeon favorites like Rugrats, SpongeBob SquarePants and even Ren and Stimpy.

2.  Hot Topic

This next line spun some Cartoon Network favorites into some pretty fierce fashion. The Powerpuff Girls girls know what’s up and so does Hot Topic who worked with the network to exclusively carry this hot line.

3.  Vans

Charlie Brown and the Peanuts crew walked their way into the Vans sneakers collection and will probably walk right into your shopping bag as well.

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