3 Awesome Reactions Getting a Free iPhone X

The hot new Apple iPhone X costs $1,000 just to get the entry level smartphone, but for one man, it's not about what it costs, it's all about giving. You can check out the full video from YouTube star BigDawsTv below as he gives away free iPhone's to some lucky strangers.

Here are three of our favorite reactions from the lucky people getting a free iPhone X.

1.  This guy is skeptical at first, like most would be.

2. There's only one thing to do when given a new phone by a stranger, HUG IT OUT!

3. This girl desperately needed a new phone, and is our fav reaction.

BigDawsTv is going to be giving away one more iPhone X. You can find out how by following his Instagram and Snapchat, @BigDawsTv.

What phone are you using right now? Join the conversation!


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