3 Awesome Robot Gadgets to Splurge On

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Orlando Morales Posted: 10:20 PM, Jun 3, 2016

For years, people have dreamed of robotic helpers, and at last, that dream is becoming a reality. From rovers on security patrol, to a cute humanoid homie, Bradley Hasemeyer is looking at the automaton assistants of tomorrow that you can have today, for the right price!

1.  Alpha 2

If you had a crush on Johnny Number Five from “Short Circuit” back in the ‘80s, you're going to love his cute counterpart. Alpha 2 is a humanoid robot for the family.  He’s not only a yogi, he can teach you things like another language, help you with projects, and is also a great photographer! He'll even act as a remote security monitor when you’re away from home. You can pre-order one on Indigogo for $1,300. The Alpha 2 ships this summer!

2.  Riley

This is a considerably cheaper robot, built specifically for home security. You control Riley from anywhere in the world through your smartphone. It was successfully funded on Indigogo, and early backers should get theirs by the end of the month. Everyone else will have to wait to put in their order until later this year. Riley will eventually retail for around $230.

3.  Orbii

This security robot rolls around your home with an HD camera that you control via Wi-Fi. It’ll also send you a message when it hears a loud noise. They've almost met their goal on Indigogo. Pre-order one for around 140 dollars, and plan to ship in 2017.

Robots are taking over our homes, not in the future, but today!

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