3 Bad Exercises You Should Skip at the Gym

Usually when we think of the gym, we think of gym rats, lifting heavy weights and grunting. It turns out if you are a gym regular or even a novice, you might be wasting your time. Bradley Hasemeyer and Life Time Fitness Regional Education Specialist, Kayla Hakel, have three exercises to skip and the ones to replace them with, because efficiency is the name of the game when working out!


1.  Crunches

They're not the fastest route to washboard abs. Crunches limit your range of as you're doing it and they also don't incorporate the muscles in your core that will actually contour your waistline. To tone your middle and fully engage your core, you're better off doing planks. They incorporate larger amounts of muscles at once so we're actually asking multiple amount of core muscles to integrate together, which is then going to actually fashion your waist line.


2.  Adductor Machine