3 Beauty Hacks to Make You Look Younger While You Sleep

By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 10:45 PM, Feb 28, 2018

Studies show that millennials are now hopping on the anti-aging bandwagon, with 57% using products daily. The cost can range from under $30 to over $800 bucks! To help save you some cash, we spoke with plastic surgeon Dr. Prichard who shared four easy ways to look younger while you sleep.

1. Sleep on Your Back

If sleeping on your back is good enough for J. Lo, it’s good enough for us! It turns our sleeping on your back can reduce swelling in your face. But wait, there’s more! Dr. Prichard says sleeping angled upright is even more beneficial. “As your head comes down to where your heart level is,” explains the doctor, “the amount of swelling in your face at night [increases].” This in turn can create bags underneath your eyes! “The fat that's in the eyeball socket swells at night, and it’s actually pushing out into the eyelid more,” Dr. Prichard continues. “The more it pushes out to the eyelid, the more bags you have in that area.” Yikes! We guess all those Sleep Number commercials were really on to something!

2. Use Silk or Satin Sheets

The next way to look younger while you sleep is using silk or satin sheets. Cotton sheets might be making you look old! “If you're sleeping on regular sheets,” warns Dr. Prichard, “the creases that [cotton] sheets make in your face […] can actually cause a contraction and stretching of the collagen fibers.” Why are collagen fibers so important? They’re the natural protein in your body that keeps your skin firm! “That cycle of [sleeping on regular sheets] over and over can cause stretching of collagen fibers and less elasticity in the face.” This loss of elasticity causes skin to sag! So swap your old sheets for silk or satin.

3. Get a Humidifier

Finally, using a humidifier is super beneficial, and Dr. Prichard explains why: “What happens at night—you're not drinking any water, and so you're gradually losing humidity in your skin, and so that skin is shrinking.” A humidifier helps prevent this from happening, keeping your skin moisturized. Dr. Prichard says you lose humidity in your skin just by breathing in your sleep! So use a humidifier to help your skin stay moisturized.

Catching Z’s helps us look rested and youthful. But now you’re armed with three hacks you can use to look younger while you sleep!

Bonus Hack  Try This DIY Face Mask!

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