3 big changes you made companies make in 2017

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jared Cotter | Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 6:19 PM, Sep 5, 2017

When you've got issues with a company, sometimes you want to let them know, but then think, "What's the point," right? Company bigwigs probably get a bagillion emails that just get forwarded to interns and never get addressed. But this year, you, and people like you, made changes in ads, wine, and the car market world, just by saying "No Thanks!" Kristina Guerrero and Jared Cotter have got the 3 ways you got companies to listen this year, making things a lot better for the rest of us.

1. Less Ads, More Show

We all hate having to sit through a lame ad before watching our favorite cat videos on Youtube and, finally, advertising execs are taking our complaints to heart with 6 second ads.

Duracell, Geico, and Mars are some of the first major brands to try out the shortform ads and soon you might even see them on your TV – that means shorter commercial breaks during your favorite shows, and more time actually watching your favorite show.

2. More Booze for your Buck

We all love wine but how many times are we going to pay for it without feeling a little duped? How do we know one super expensive wine is actually any different from another, cheaper version? It's not like any of them look any different, right? – Until now.

Wine company Gïk is changing the wine game with their new Gïk Live, a blue wine that says it's been too long since we've had a new wine actually worth its price tag. The wine is made with a mixture of white and red grapes and organic pigments for a smooth and sweet wine that has no added sugars and gives you a chance to actually surprise your wine-bored tastebuds. Pre-order some to try for around $48 for 3 bottles!

3. Smarter Cars for Smarter Consumers

Enough of us have bought a used car, just to discover everything wrong with it we weren't told before leaving the lot. This led to more people looking up the histories of used cars before they buy, and finding out that thousands of flood damaged cars can go on sale, and you might not even know you're about to buy one.

So do the diligent work that others have done to save the rest of us from buying a lemon. Make sure you check the car's title history before buying, and feel free to have a mechanic check it out too.

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