3 big sports moments get mini with Lego recreations

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 5:11 PM, Mar 13, 2017

Some daughters get a dollhouse or a few new dresses for their birthday, but Jared Jacobs' daughter, Jovie, got something a little more unique. The dad and daughter bonded over NCAA basketball and last year she, accurately, picked Villanova to win it all during March Madness. So to celebrate her 11th birthday this year, Jacobs made a Lego stop animation recreation of one of the biggest March Madness victories, that she just happened to predict, and, man, does it come out looking cool.

This video checks off all the boxes for us: Legos? Check. Super cool animation effects? Check. Dads doing cute things for their daughters? Triple check. And Fun fact: Jacobs used 400 Lego figurines to recreate the game, and even gave players and fans custom uniform and fan gear for complete accuracy. Crazy! Lucky for us, the Villanova-UNC game isn't the only thing Jacobs has Lego-fied. Check out these other three Lego recreations by Jacobs, from a Michigan State miracle, to a Hail Mary pass, to a certain player in shades who's, "only here so [he] doesn't get fined".

1. Miracle at Michigan

The final moments of this Michigan-Michigan State game shocked fans in blue and yellow around the country when Michigan State beat Michigan with the help of a punter fumble in the last play of the game. Check out Jacobs' Lego remake of the dramatic win. What's most impressive: the faces of disappointment on the Lego Michigan fans faces feel so real.

2. The Mangum Miracle – BYU vs. Nebraska

Football is all about those heart-stopping plays and the Hail Mary pass that got BYU the win over Nebraska in 2015 was one of those moments. Relive the magic with this recreation. And we've got to tell ya – Lego football player celebrations are pretty entertaining.

3. "I'm just here so I won't get fined…"

One of the most memorable Super Bowl XLIX Media Day moments came from Marshawn Lynch who was never a huge fan of press conferences and questions. To avoid having to do too much talking but also to avoid having to owe the NFL some money, Lynch repeated one phrase over and over to answer reporters' questions and the phrase heard 'round the world is pretty hilarious in Lego form. Side Note from Jacobs: He was a big fan of how Lego Lynch's hair and shades came out.

Bonus: Walter White and the Pizza

Okay, so this isn't a sports Lego video, but if you're a big fan of Breaking Bad, we couldn't deprive you of this iconic moment from the show, which somehow only gets better when made entirely of Legos.

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