3 brilliant tricks to pack your carry-on like a pro

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 10:37 PM, May 31, 2017

With all the recent airline mishaps it might make sense to control the in-flight factors we have the power to, like our luggage. Lindsey Granger and How to Pack author Hitha Palepu have a few tricks to pack the perfect stress free carry-on.

1.  Rolling & Folding

You must know what to roll and what to fold. For bottoms and dresses it’s all about rolling because they will conserve the most amount of space and you can really get them tightly put in there. Guys, you can borrow your ladies hair ties to hold bulky jeans in place. All shirts get folded and collared shirts have a special trick. Take your smaller items and stuff them inside so the collar doesn't ever get crushed.

2.  All About Order

Another way to pack like a pro is to know it's all about order – what goes in first and what goes in last. It's always the biggest first and smallest last. Hitha recommends a small shoe bag to keep what's on the bottom of your shoes, off your clothes.

3.  Maximize Personal Item

Use a backpack or briefcase and there are certain items you should keep in there. There are things that you could need at any given point so it's not just your phone and your wallet. It's your beauty products and medication. Keeping liquids in your personal item makes it easier when taking them out on the security line.

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