3 British Booze Trends Taking Over the U.S.

By: Jessica Robertson Posted: 10:42 AM, Aug 8, 2018 Updated: 2:43 PM, Aug 14, 2018

Americans are always looking to add dazzle to their drinks, and lately we’ve been getting a boost from the Brits. The List rounded up three booze trends to sip and munch on without a passport!

1. Spreadable Alcohol


Made popular by U.K. company Firebox, Brits are spreading whiskey and gin over their breakfast – now Americans can’t get enough! But how can you get it stateside? Try On The Rocks Gourmet Jams! These bad boys come in flavors such as Peach Mango Moscato, Patron Paradise Jam, and Jazzy Sangria. Try spreading them on burgers and roasted chicken for an added punch. There is three to five percent alcohol per jar, and you can snag one for just $7 at OnTheRocksJam.com.


Once you get your hands on a jar, try the food pairings below!


Pairing Suggestions


Waffles, pancakes, and crepes: Peach Bellini, Raspberry Mimosa, Strawberry Margarita

Burgers: Big Apple

PBJ Sandwich: Taste of Jazz Sangria

Grilled Meats: Aloha Screwdriver or Peach Mango Moscato

Desserts and breads = Any of the spreads


2. Boozy Teas


The next trans-Atlantic alcohol trend is boozy teas! That’s right – the second most popular beverage in the world is now getting an upgrade. Boozy teas were made popular in the U.K. by a company called NovelTea, which makes “teas with spirit” – like earl grey and gin. Restaurants in the U.S. serve their version, but you can’t find it on the shelves.” So here’s how to make some alcohol-infused tea yourself! All you need is one cup of alcohol to four bags, or four teaspoons of loose tea, which you steep overnight, then strain. Try these tea-infused cocktail recipes and pairings below!


Tea-Infused Spirits




4 tea bags of your favorite bagged tea


4 teaspoons of your favorite loose tea

1 cup liquor of choice

Sealable container

Strainer (for loose tea)




Combine tea and liquor in sealable container

Let steep overnight or up to a week, depending on intensity of tea-flavor desired.

Remove tea bags or strain loose tea


Suggested Tea & Liquor Pairings


Earl Grey and bourbon

Mint tea and light rum

Chamomile and gin

Chai and rye whiskey

Darjeeling and vodka


Suggested Tea-Infused Cocktail



1 1/2 ounces chai tea-infused rye whiskey

1 bottle or can of Ginger beer




Pour chai tea-infused rye whiskey over ice and top with ginger beer


Suggested Spirit-Infused Tea


Make one cup of chai tea

Pour 1/2 an ounce of chai tea-infused rye whiskey into tea


3. Hooch for Your Pooch


Our final concoction from the commonwealth is hooch for your pooch. Calm down, it’s not actually alcohol for your dog! U.K. company Woof and Brew makes cocktails for your canine that are full of vitamins and nutrients – so while you’re guzzling a beer, Fido can enjoy something, too! U.S. companies like Bowser Beer have three-packs of Barkbrew Beef Ale for $14.99. Other retailers to try include Apollo Peak and Pet Winery.


If you’re looking for new ways to lush up your libations, now you’ve got three trends that are crossing the pond!


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