3 Cheap & Easy DIY Home Decor Ideas for Fall

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By: Donna Ruko | Cassarah Coffey | Laurel Portie Posted: 9:17 PM, Oct 4, 2016

Looking to spice up your home this fall, but don’t have a lot of money? Great news! Donna Ruko has five fabulous DIY decorations you can make for cheap.

1.  Leafy Table Runner

Dress up your table with a runner dressed in leaves. All it takes is burlap, fabric leaves, and a hot glue gun. Cut burlap until six inches is hanging off each side of the table, pull leaves off of plastic garland, lay your design on the edge of the runner and then get gluing.

2.  Fall Frames

Next, use the extra burlap from your runner to create a sign that speaks fall — literally. You will also need dollar store frames, paint, and sponges to make these. Just cut the sponges into the letters F, A, L, and the material to size. Apply different colors to your letters to give it a changing season look and press it on. Finally, allow them to dry and place into the frames.

3.  Natural Votives

This one is so simple and looks fabulous. Get an old vase or one from a dollar store and fill it with twigs, leaves, and water. Top with a floating candle and light. FAB!

4.  Burlaps Lights

Start by cutting fabric into squares to fit around a Mason jar, then rubber band the burlap around the jars, wrap with twine, and spruce up with leaves. Another easy project!

5.  Metal Pumpkin

For the final DIY project, cut a rubber band and then string about and loop in about 12 to 14 lids. Use cinnamon sticks as the branch.

Now your home can look fabulous this fall without breaking the bank thanks to these five DIY projects.

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