3 Clothing Companies Combining Tech & Style for a Better World

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 4:28 PM, Dec 5, 2017

Usually, being fashion forward means your closet is ahead of the fashion curve. But some clothing companies are taking fashion forward to a whole new level with new materials and smart technology that make life easier, while keeping you looking fashionable. Kristina Guerrero is taking a look at the newest and coolest advancements in clothing that you're definitely going to want in your closet.

1. Bio Degradable Clothing

Houdini Sportswear knows that sometimes the mass production of clothes can wreak havoc on the environment so they decided to make their clothes with biodegradable fibers. After you've used and worn out your favorite Houdini clothes, you can actually use them as compost, or, if you're looking for a quick snack – you can even eat them! The clothing's materials are so pure and natural, that you can literally eat them. How's that for a decent solution for "what to do when you're done with your clothes"?

If you want to grab one of their environmentally friendly pieces of clothing, you can visit their website, here.

2. The Smart Scarf

Aside from making you look extra stylish, the Smart Scarf from Wair is also the first anti-pollution scarf. The scarf features a hidden, battery-operated air filtration box that purifies the air while you're on the go. The scarf even pairs to a free app that can send you alerts about the air quality around you.

And don't think that you have to settle for a scarf that looks like it came from Grandma's closet. The Wair scarf comes in trendy styles that you might see at your favorite fashion store, so, when you aren't riding your bike or when you make it to the office, you'll look like you just decided to add some extra flair for the day. If you want to grab a Wair scarf for yourself, head to the company's website, here.

3. Mestic's Moo-gnificent Line

Another line of clothing looking to keep clothes eco-friendly is Mestic, created by inventor Jalila Essaidi. Knowing that cow manure can be re-used as fuel, Jalila wanted to see if she could make clothes from the renewable source – and she did.

No, the clothes aren't made of cow manure, but they are made by extracting some elements from it – creating a soft and sturdy fabric that's kind to the environment and helps curtail the global surplus of manure. Plus, the clothes look so good, you won't even think twice about what they're made of. Learn more about Jalila's world changing idea, here.

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