3 Coffee Gadgets Changing the Brewing Game

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By: Kristina Guerrero Posted: 3:00 PM, Oct 30, 2017

If your day doesn't start until you're sipping on that first cup of joe then we have some good news. Kristina Guerrero found three coffee gadgets that will have you jumping out of bed in the morning.

1.  Dash Rapid Cold Brew System

Cold brew is so hot right now and this machine is making it even hotter. It brews in under five minutes and you can pick one up for around $89. It should start shipping in November.

2.  Smarter Coffee

This is a coffee maker that comes with some perks. You can control it with your smartphone. You can even schedule when you want your fresh coffee to start brewing. Pick one up for around $249.

3.  Niche Zero Grinder

It's so hard to get the perfect grind on coffee beans and this cool invetntion claims it has solved that problem. It's designed to have minimal waste. Pick one up for around $500.

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