3 Common Vintage Items That Could Make You Rich

If you're getting ready to clean up the attic or garage for 2018 with a big garage sale, you could be missing out on a lot more cash! Lindsey Granger talked to the owner of Blue Leaf Estate Auctions to find out how auctioning your vintage items, toys, memorabilia, and more can earn you more cash than a Saturday morning garage sale! Read on to find out what items can make you big bucks and what items are actually resale busts.

1. Old Money, Mo Money

If you've discovered some old silver dollar coins in your home, they could score you a whole lot more than you might think. Rowlan Hill says old silver, gold, and vintage jewelry can get you a lot at an auction because metals continue to become more valuable as time goes on.

2. Score Major Cash with Sports Memorabilia

If you've held on to old memorabilia from your favorite sport, you could score big bucks by selling that sporty stuff at an auction. Equipment you have from back in the day, or, items signed by your favorite player, past or current, could get you a whole lot of money, especially if the item or athlete is significant to sports history.

3. Action Figures and Dolls

Got a Barbie doll from the '80s still lying around? Or maybe a, now vintage, G.I. Joe or Star Wars toy, you could rake in hundreds of dollars! Talk about cashing in on your childhood. You could also get big bucks for toys you have that were made with a factory malfunction or a toy that was limited edition when it came out, back in the day.

WEB BONUS: Before you go hunting for treasure in your old trash, watch the videos below to find out what throwback items Rowlan says might be vintage, but, won't earn you a dime.

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