3 Cool Gadgets Making Holiday Travel Easier

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Todd Covelli Posted: 6:01 PM, Nov 16, 2016

Like it or not, the hustle and bustle of the holiday travel season is upon us. While it's never easy navigating airport crowds or making a hotel room feel like home, technology is here to help. Bradley Hasemeyer has three cool new gadgets making life easier this winter.

1.  Modobag

This is a carry-on that carries you! It weighs 19 pounds, can move a 260 pound person and the batteries are approved by the Federal Aviation Administration. You can go 8 miles on a single charge with indoor speeds or 5 miles per hour and 8 if you’re outdoors. Pick one up for around $1,100.

2.  Amazon First TV Stick

Bring your streaming services to your hotel room with this streaming gadget. It uses a technology that allows you to hook into your hotel's Wi-Fi, a common problem for other streaming devices. It also has voice search built in. Pick one up for around $40.

3.  Hudway App

When it's over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house, you can keep your eyes on the road with this free app. It works best at night unless you use their Hudway Glass device making day tripping easy too. Find it online for about $80.

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