3 cool ice bars across America to chill out this summer

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Elyse Johnson Posted: 4:43 PM, Jun 7, 2017

Things are starting to heat up now as summer gets closer. If you’re looking for a cool way to beat the heat then Kristina Guerrero is here to help. She has the top three must-visit bars made from ice across America.

1. Polar Play in Scottsdale, Arizona

Before cooling off at this ice bar you have to brace yourself for the chill. It’s 23 degrees Fahrenheit and features 30,000 pounds of ice. The bar has a built in ice lounge to make the drinks and the best part. Having a frosty cold one isn't the only reason to check out polar play. There's also checkers, corn hole and of course snowball fights.

2. minus5 in Las Vegas, Nevada

Every single thing except for the floor and the ceiling is made of ice at this cool bar. Even the glasses are ice! As soon as you put that glass to your lips the feeling of minus 5 comes through like the name, and it's definitely a unique experience.

3. Icebar in Orlando, Florida

This is the largest permanent ice bar in the world and features 70 tons of hand carved ice. The temperature is set at a frost 22 degrees Fahrenheit all year-round. Once inside you can take advantage of photo opportunities with their beautifully carved ice sculptures. Now that’s cool!

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