3 Cool New Backpacks for The Style Win

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 8:49 PM, Nov 1, 2017

Whether you’re traveling, having an outdoor adventure or just commuting into work, a solid backpack is one of those essential items that always makes a huge difference. Jared Cotter has three cool new options that will have you hauling your gadgets and gear in style.

1. Code 10

This backpack is fully lockable and fully waterproof. Stash your small gadgets and wallets in a hidden hip pocket or water resistant front pocket. The front strap has the perfect spot for credit and travel cards you use on the go. The roll down design makes it impossible for thieves to get inside while you wear it. There's also a removable tech sleeve for all your gadgets and a smart strap system lets you attach the pack to other luggage. The Code 10 is available now for about $130.

2. Aster

This high-tech backpack wants you to be safe while cycling at night. Built in turn signals, brakes lights and headlights can be seen from over eight hundred feet away. There’s also a handlebar mounted sensor that alerts your emergency contact with coordinates if you have a high-impact crash. The Aster costs around $150 and plans to ship sometime this month.

3.  ClickPack Pro

Go ahead and try to cut this backpack open with a knife. It’s not going to happen! The zippers are double layered, the pack material is water proof and this is a tech junkie's dream with plenty of pockets for gear and gadgets plus two removable pouches. A pocket on the shoulder strap lets you store cables to use for charging devices. A TSA approved zipper lock prevents thieves from opening the bag and a retractable, metal wire cable allows you to secure your pack to a fixed object so you can relax worry free. The ClickPack Pro is available online now for around $200.

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