3 Crazy-Cool Cars We Wish We Could Afford

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By: Jared Cotter | Orlando Morales Posted: 4:44 PM, Oct 16, 2017

If you've ever dreamed of flying to work then the wait may soon be over. Recently the company Aeromobil started taking orders for their new flying car and it's not the only one that's breaking the mold. Driving in the sky, water and under the sea is on Jared Cotter’s Wish List.

1.  AeroMobil

This roadster rolls at almost 100 miles per hour on the street and when it spreads its wings it'll soar a little over 220 miles per hour through the air. They had some growing pains with their previous model about two years ago, but now they've announced their latest prototype, the AeroMobil 4.0, available to reserve today. It should come out in 2020 with a starting price tag of $400,000.

2.  Terra Wind

This cool invention is an RV that goes across the country and pond. Basically, once you drive in and are floating boat propellers in the rear take over. The rear porch even doubles as a swimming deck. Even though it looks a bit top heavy, they say it's balanced and will stay upright. With a price tag of around $1.2 million it better! When you're done having fun, just drive up the boat ramp and head on home.

3.  The Submarine Sports Car

This is a slick looking roadster that wants to go for a dip. Made by Rinspeed, this thing runs 100 percent on electric power which is kind of a shock since it goes 35 feet under water. The submarine sports car is available to purchase at Hammacher Schlemmer for only $2 million.

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