3 Crazy-Cool Products You Can Buy on Amazon

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 9:08 PM, Oct 19, 2017

The e-commerce giant Amazon has pretty much everything you could ask for so today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser gives us a look at three cool products just dying to be delivered right to your door.

3.  HyperChiller

This is a product that wants to give you ice cold coffee without watering it down. It works when the hot coffee flows into the center cooling chamber which is surrounded by food grade stainless steel and ice on all sides. Pick one up for around $30.

2.  Sugru

It's kind of like super glue and play-dough had a baby. Just stick it, shape it and in 24 hours it turns into a strong flexible rubber. It can make your cables last longer, make handy hooks to hang anything, fix broken plastics and even fix my broken drinking mug. Pick up a pack for around $22.

1.  iRobot Braava

After you get a robot that vacuums why not get one that mops? Braava will pick up dirt, dust and hair from virtually any hard surface whether it's hard wood, laminates, tile and even stone. Pick one up for around $270.

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