3 crazy cool retirement communities

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By: Donna Ruko | Jessica Robertson Posted: 2:36 PM, Apr 3, 2017

It’s been 40 years since Jimmy Buffett's seminal "Margaritaville" was released and spawned a generation of fans called Parrot Heads, Now them, along with the rest of the baby boomer generation, are reaching retirement. Jimmy has them covered with the announcement of Latitude Margaritaville retirement community based on his chain of resorts. Donna Ruko has more on that and two other crazy spots that will have you feeling like a kid again.

1.  Margaritaville Retirement Community

The one billion dollar Latitude Margaritaville project will offer homes with activities inspired by his resorts. Jimmy will open the first of many communities in Daytona Beach, Florida in early 2018 and over ten thousand retirees have registered already!

2.  Motorcycle Retirement Communities

A whole generation of motorcycle lovers still has a great passion for the open road and communities like Lake Weir Preserve in Ocklawaha, Florida and Wesley Manor Retirement Community in Louisville, Kentucky are embracing the easy rider way of life. Folks over 55 can bring their campers, boats, RV's, classic cars and choppers and no one complains about the noise. The homes even offer a five car garage for all of your toys!

3.  College Retirement Communities

Just like Rodney Dangerfield, retirees are nostalgic for their campus days and now major universities like Stanford, Dartmouth and the University of Arizona offer university-affiliated retirement communities on, or near campus. Retirees are looking to keep their minds stimulated and interact with young people to stave off dementia. Lasell Village at Lassel College in Auburndale, Massachusetts actually requires 450 hours of learning and fitness each year.

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