3 Crazy Items You Can Find on Etsy

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By: Teresa Strasser | Orlando Morales Posted: 7:49 PM, Nov 8, 2017

When looking for handmade items online there is one spot that rules the web, but there are some crazy things you'll find on your search. Today on the Buzz List Teresa Strasser has expensive and silly items you can find on the popular website Etsy.

3.  Defective Candle

This messed up candle can be yours for $1,000. The seller's reasoning is because there's not another candle like it out there in the world. Now that's crazy!

2.  Moon Rock

The owner claims this came from the moon and it's going for the astronomical price of $250,000. You might be better off booking a flight to the moon.

1.  Gucci Toilet Paper

The seller claims that this fancy toilet paper is a vintage item from the '80s. Scoop it up for $777. We did our own research and it seems Gucci never put out any TP so buyer beware.

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