3 Crazy Things You Didn’t Realize Used To Be Medicine

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Posted: 5:47 PM, Oct 10, 2016

What do ketchup, heroin, and tapeworm all have in common? They were once used as medicine! Our friends at Cracked have created a fun video that is going viral with more info on how these items were once used to try and help us humans, but didn't quite work out.

1.  Ketchup

In 1835 Ketchup was sold as medicine that could cure illnesses like indigestion and jaundice. Not true, but it's delicious with fries.

2.  Heroin

In 1898 cough syrup added heroin to the recipe, but they had to change it in 1910, when too many people developed an unhealthy addiction.

3.  Tapeworm

In the 1950s a hot weight loss treatment was infecting yourself with a tapeworm. People could eat whatever they wanted because half their calories went to the tapeworm. Unfortunately it also caused abdominal pain and sometimes death!

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