3 DIY summer games giving you more fun in the sun

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 10:00 PM, Jun 20, 2017

Grown ups may have to be at work all day, but they'll have more time to play after work on the longest day of the year. Thanks to the summer solstice, the first day of summer is the longest day of the year – so have more fun in the sun! Get home and get summer started in no time with these 3 DIY summer games that will give you more time to play, all summer long; plus tips to make your summer fun pop with new game ideas for you to try!

1. Glow In The Dark Bowling

Looking for a way to light up your next summer party? Indoor or outdoor, your guests will be getting lit with this simple DIY inspired by crafter Amanda Formaro…*insert third lighting joke here*:

You'll Need:

10 water bottles (new or empty)

10 glow sticks, different colors for more fun

A ball

First, take any labels off your water bottles, to let the glow sticks really shine.

If you're using new water bottles, pour out a small amount of water, about to the top of where the label would be; if you're using empty water bottles, fill them up to that point. You can also add milk to the bottles if you like for a more luminescent glow.

Activate your glow sticks, then stick one or a few (depending on your bottles' sizes) into each bottle. Make sure you put the lid back on tight – and you're ready to bowl!

The List's "Keep the Party Going" Tip: To add a bit more glow to the party, consider using hamster balls or wiffle balls as the balls you'll bowl with, and filling them with glow sticks as well! Or, get a little wet by putting glow sticks in your water balloons for night time balloon fights!

2. Stick-Tac-Toe

Take the classic paper game to a different level with this mom's backyard carnival twist on tic-tac-toe.

You'll Need:

A foam board

Felt sheets (enough to cover your preferred size board)

Colored duct tape

Art Glue

Ping Pong balls

Peel and Stick velcro

Cover your foam board with your felt sheets by gluing them to the board and trimming off any extra hanging felt.

Then make a tic-tac-toe design on the board with your preferred colored duct tape.

Cut your peel and stick velcro into small pieces and stick them evenly to your ping pong balls – the more velcro, the easier; the less velcro, the more challenging – and you're ready to game on!

The List's "Keep the Party Going" Tip: Using foam boards and duct tape can lead to more summer fun – from DIY darts to our game of Modified Monkey in the Middle: party goers each have to get their pong balls onto the board, while one lucky guest tries to bat the balls down. Every pong ball on the board gets the player a point – and every ball blocked gets the "monkey" a point.

3. Lawn Twister

Forgot to run to the toy store and pick up a game for summer game night? Don't head for the hills – head for the garage! Break out a throwback game of Twister while getting some fresh air with One Good Thing's DIY lawn game!

You'll Need:

Cardboard with a 10 inch circle cut out of it

Wash-off marking spray paint in Twister colors (red, yellow, blue, green)


Use some string to mark out the lines you'll be spray painting to keep your "mat" looking straight. You can either lay out the string and spray over it, or tie it to a couple of stakes.

Use your cardboard cutout and spray paint a row of six circles for each color – Twister mats usually have four rows of six colored circles, but feel free to make your game as easy (or chaotic) as you'd like! And make sure your paint dries before playing!

The List's "Keep the Party Going" Tip: Look for glow in the dark paint to take your Twister game into night mode, or spray paint other fun patterns in the grass that your party guests can either jump to like hopscotch, or try to land horseshoes or bean bags on!

What are some of your favorite summer games to play? Share your summer fun ideas with us on our Facebook page, @TheListShowTV.

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