3 dream headphones you won’t believe are real

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:54 PM, Jun 7, 2017

Music is a way of life for most of us. We listen in our car; we listen at the gym; we listen while we clean/avoid cleaning. But no one wants their daily life to be slowed down by headphone cords or Bluetooth speakers that can't pump tunes into the kitchen from the living room. Break free from cords and earbud adjusting and quit Jerry-rigging wimpy speakers. Bring your tunes with you everywhere, and look good doing it, with these new unique, and practical portable headphones.

1. Axent Wear Cat Ears

If you love cats, or just dream of being one, you'll dig the design of these over-the-head headphones by Axent Wear. And while cats can be private creatures, just like your listening experience, there are speakers placed in the cat ears on top, so you can play your tunes out loud when you feel like letting people party with you (before running and hiding under the couch for 10 minutes, of course). Get your cat dreams on for around $100.

2. Zungle

Get your jam on while keeping your UV protection on too with a pair of these combo headphone-sunglasses! Using super sciencey bone conduction technology, the sunglasses put on a private concert for you, in your skull! The future is NOW…well, actually, the future is soon – since you'll have to preorder these shades if you want them. Claim one for yourself at around $119.

3. Glow

Late-night exercisers, rejoice. Glow headphones feature a laser-powered fiber optic cable that will make sure others see you, and probably make them a little jealous. The cable is flexible enough to wrap around just about anything and won't tangle on you. Plus, it can add some pep to your running step by pulsing in time to your music or heartbeat. Light up your path with a pair of these headphones for $169 (which I guess would lighten your wallet a bit as well…).

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