3 Easy Tips to Get Professional Looking Pet Pictures

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 6:21 PM, Nov 10, 2017

Anyone who has a pet knows how hard it can be to get them to pose for a picture. Lindsey Granger and professional dog photographer Kira Dedecker are here to help with three secret tips to get the perfect photo of your pet.

1.  Pay Your Pups

This first tip is easy, but very important. Get them comfortable with the camera by offering them a treat. You wouldn't work for free and they shouldn't either.

2. Stage Your Pet

Before you even start you want to tidy your home and wherever you're going to be shooting. It’s best if you have an assistant on hand like a husband or wife. You want someone to hold the leash because safety is very important and it's also helpful to have someone manage the dog because you have a camera on you. Don’t be shy about accessories or props like bowties or even puppy pajamas.

3.  Get Creative

Most of the time, you can get your pet to smile by using noise makers. It also gets them to tilt their head and pop their ears up. Remember that an active dog is a happy dog, so if the noise makers don't work, take them for a quick run.

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