3 Easy Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

Posted: 10:04 PM, Jul 13, 2016

The average person wastes about 20 pounds of food a month! Not only does that hurt the wallet, it harms the environment. In a landfill it's so compacted there is no air the aerobic activity to breakdown food, like a banana peel for example, isn't there, and it releases methane instead of CO2, which is 25 times more harmful to the environment. Justin Kacer, a sustainability specialist, has three ways we can reduce this waste.

1.  Food Storage

You don't want to store vegetables alongside fruit, it will also accelerate the ripening process. That accelerates the ripening process. also, avoid storing your herbs in plastic bags. Herbs are really great to store in water; as you would fresh cut flowers. So, you just get a little mason jar, slice the bottom of your herbs, put them in the water, and they're going to be good for a week. Switch out the water every couple of days and pick the leaves as you need. Asparagus is another great one to keep in the water. Again, you can just break it. Wherever it snaps is a perfect place for cutting it.

2.  Buy Frozen

Frozen food is great because the freezer product is picked at the peak of ripeness, so you're getting the freshest products. It's frozen, you can take it home, put it in your freezer, and then just use that, and eat it. Usually frozen fruits and veggies are less expensive. If it's a topping for your cereal or your oatmeal or yogurt – whatever it may be. You just use what you need and you don't run the risk of it going bad in the refrigerator.

3.  Shop in Bulk Bins

One of the beauties about shopping in the bulk department is that you can buy exactly what you need. If your recipe calls for one cup of quinoa, it's what you can get. Also, you're saving on the packaging too. All the packing that went into something off the shelf, you're not getting that in bulk. It's just a plastic bag that you fill up and you take home.

Saving food, money, and even the environment!

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