3 Everyday Inventions Made in the United States

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By: Jessica Robertson | Jared Cotter Posted: 10:19 PM, Apr 2, 2018

Do you ever wonder where your favorite inventions came from? We've got three ingenious creations from across America.


1. The Disposable Razor – Brookline, Massachusetts

Let’s start with the disposable razor in Brookline, Massachusetts. There are many disposable razor companies today, but door-to-door salesman King Camp Gillette started it all in 1902, when he got tired of the pain of a straight razor. This was enough for Gillette to team up with MIT graduate William Nickerson to patent a razor that was strong and safe enough to get a close shave, while being cheap enough to be disposable. The blades kept coming, and now disposable razors are a billion-dollar-a-year industry.


2. The Vacuum Cleaner – Canton, Ohio

Next up is the vacuum cleaner from Canton, Ohio. In 1908, James Spangler – a night janitor in a department store with asthma – was tired of beating carpets clean. So he combined a fan motor and fan blades with a leather belt and a pillow case. Spangler sold the first "electric pneumatic carpet renovator" to Hoover. Vacuums have definitely come a long way over the years! And companies like Dyson and Dirt Devil have joined the game with a household staple that's meant to suck.


3. Taser Gun – Scottsdale, Arizona

Last on our list is the taser gun, which was invented in 1961 in Scottsdale, Arizona. Tasers changed the world by providing police officers and military personnel with a non-lethal way to subdue perpetrators. Air force test pilot and NASA scientist Jack Cover created a gun that would fire electrical darts – delivering an electrical charge named for his childhood hero Tom Swift. The version we know today was created by brothers Tom and Rick Smith in 1993.


And those are three of some of the coolest inventions concocted across America.

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