3 extraordinary pranks with Improv Everywhere

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 4:18 PM, Mar 30, 2017

Improv Everywhere is known for its elaborate and hilarious pranks (No Pants Subway Ride, anyone?). With April Fool's Day just a couple of days away, we figured we'd get in the mood with the team's newest giggle inducing Elevator Marathon prank:

Can you imagine just hanging out on an elevator when all this craziness happens? Although we imagine the people who got pranked would go through the rest of the day feeling pretty good about themselves. They are marathon winners after all. And that's the thing about Improv Everywhere – they're always surprising unsuspecting participants with their pranks but they also make mundane, every day things more memorable. Here are three other pranks pulled by the Improv Everywhere team that made us laugh, dance, and feel even better about our regular routine.

1. Dance Captain Wanted

What's a dance team without a captain to lead them? Improv Everywhere gave people running errands around in New York City the chance to bust out of the ordinary by busting some moves with this dancentric stunt.

2. The Pirates of Central Park

Even the beauty of New York's Central park can feel like old news when you're trekking through it to work every morning. The Improv Everywhere team decided they would bring some wonder back to the historic park by teaming up with Disney Parks and dressing up as Pirates of the Caribbean to find their treasure, with the help of park visitors nearby.

3. Ballroom Crosswalk

Sometimes even walking through crosswalks can be frustrating – people getting in your way or walking too slow. Getting to work can stress you out before even getting there! But what if those moments of bumping into people turned into moments of wonder and beauty? See what happens when bumps in the crosswalk turn into beautiful dances – literally!

Find all of Improv Everywhere's awesome pranks, flash mobs, and hijinks at their YouTube page!

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