3 Extreme Outdoor Toys Your Kids will Love This Summer

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By: Brian Corsetti | Todd Covelli Posted: 9:14 PM, Aug 3, 2016

Summer's all about being outside and having fun, but if you are bored with the summer standards like frisbees and squirt guns, brace yourself! Brian Corsetti has three extreme summer toys that guarantee next-level fun, for you and the kids!

1.  Sky Bouncer & Skyball

The Sky Bouncer isn't like the frisbee you had back in the day. It’s filled with air and helium, so with a little practice, it will bounce 25 feet in the air. Another favorite, The Skyball. It's also loaded with helium so it will bounce up to 75 feet. You can get the ball for $8 and bouncer for $10 at Toys-R-Us and Amazon.com.

2.  Kurio XTREME 2

It’s a rugged, kid-safe tablet loaded with apps, games, and parental controls. It even includes "motion" games that encourage your kid to get up off the couch. Get it at Target for around $130.

3.  Water Warriors Gargantua

Take your squirt gun battles up a notch. The Water Warriors Gargantua squirt gun brings the pressure and the distance. It shoots up to 40 feet and holds 78 ounces of water. That's more than a 2 liter of soda. It will cost you $18 from Walmart.

Your kids will take summer fun to new heights, with these extreme summer toys!

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