3 Fabulous Ways to Rock the Geode Trend

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By: Elyse Johnson | Donna Ruko Posted: 9:59 PM, Dec 6, 2016

From jewelry to bookends, and even pictures — geodes are everywhere! Donna Ruko has a list of ways you can get in on this fun trend.

1.  Geode Lips

Start by mixing glitter, gloss and a color. Then you can either apply the glitter concoction directly to your lips, or apply a base first and then paint it on.

2.  Geode Cake

Make geodes edible with a rock cake. It looks super complex and cool, but it's actually pretty simple. Just bake two cakes, stack them and then cut. Now, carve a crater into the side of the cake with a serrated knife to create an inward indentation where the geode is going to be built. Frost the hole and then add rock candy. COOL!

3.  Make Your Own Geode

You just need borax, food coloring, ribbon, a glass jar and pipe cleaners. Start by shaping the pipe cleaners into a round shape. You simply loop them all together and you can make any shape you want. It really doesn't have to be perfect. Mix 4 cups of water with a cup of borax and add food coloring. Now, tie the ribbon to the geode. This is where the pen will come in handy. Feed it through and immerse it into the solution. After 12 hours you’ll have your very own geode!

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