3 Free Apps That Will Help You Play Cupid

Winter’s just around the corner and with colder temperatures comes cuddling. If you want to make sure your friends have someone to cozy up to this dating season then Lindsey Granger has three free apps that will help you play cupid.

1.  Hinge Matchmaker

This app links with your Facebook account and shows you two of your single friends at a time. Then, the power is in your hands to decide if they’re a good match. No pressure though!

2.  Tinder for Apple TV

This app works just like Tinder for your cell phone, but uses the Apple TV remote to help you find a match by swiping left for no and right for yes. This time it’s for collaborative consumption.

3.  Bark ‘N’ Borrow

The app allows you to message members and set meet-and-greets in hopes of creating relationships that extend from puppy love to owner love. Just sign your friends pup up and watch the app do all the work.

Have you ever tried using a dating app? Join the conversation!

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