3 Fun New Meditation Techniques to Quiet Your Mind

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 4:48 PM, Jan 3, 2017

Trying to be healthy, Sure you have to eat right and hit the gym, but now there are moves to get your mind in shape Donna Ruko and Current Meditation’s Jeanene Farley have three new techniques that will help you relax.

1.  Aerial Meditation

When you're lying in a cocoon-like position it’s much like a womb, it is very familiar and brings us back to that feeling of being held and comforted.

2.  Sound Meditation

Tone up your mind with sound meditation. The vibrations from the bowls are supposed to help heal. They’re lifting the cells to their optimum health in the body and again relating to the chakras or the energy centers they help lift them to be at their highest and best.

3.  Movement Meditation

You do simple moves like walking…all to help your mind stay in the moment. You’ll take that focus that you're doing in the class in that movement into your everyday life so whatever it is that you're doing you'll stop having thousands of thoughts about other things with scenarios like walking through water.

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