3 fun tips to become an amateur stargazer

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 7:40 PM, Aug 28, 2017

Millions of Americans armed with protective glasses witnessed the great American solar eclipse this month. So if this once in a lifetime event has sparked your interest in astronomy, Jared Cotter and Arizona Science Center’s Sari Custer have your back with three fun ways to become an amateur stargazer.

1. There’s an App for That     

Step outside, look up at the stars, point your phone up at the sky and you'll see what constellations are there for you. One of the top free apps to explore the universe is SkyView for Android and iPhone. Identify stars, constellations, satellites and more. The app has an augmented reality feature that you can toggle on and off and a dreamy soundtrack accompanies your sky watching. The night view mode protects your night vision and the camera lets you capture and upload photos.

2. Talk to Planetarium Experts

Almost every single state has a planetarium so you can go talk to experts about space and learn a little more in-depth about what's happening as far as new planets that are being discovered, exoplanets and moons. Planetariums also have specialized presentations about local astronomy and what the sky looks like at different times of the year in your city. Many also feature programs on the solar system, sun and trips through time and the universe.

3.  Join an Astronomy Meetup

Every community has a local meetup group so a mix of amateur and maybe more pro astronomers can hang. You can go out with these groups and you don't have to do it alone anymore and no equipment necessary. These meetup groups often have star parties with telescopes available for the ultimate stargazing experience.

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