3 fun ways to bring the bar to your home

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By: Jared Cotter | Todd Covelli Posted: 6:47 PM, Apr 27, 2017

It's time to elevate your cocktail corner with tools, games and some mixologist knowledge. Jared Cotter and Jade Bar’s Eddie Garcia have three fun ways to bring the bar to your home that will guarantee to make every cocktail party a hit.

1.  Get the Right Bar Tools

Every home bartender needs the essential tools. You must have a bar tender's bar spoon, Hawthorne strainer, a cocktail shaker and of course a jigger. You can get all the essentials for around $50 bucks on cocktailkingdom.com.

2.  Get Your Bar Game On

Foosball and billiards are a great way to add that bar vibe, unless you're short on space and cash. If you still want that bar ambiance though, it's not going to take much money at all. You can find all kinds of inexpensive games on Amazon.

3.  House Specialty Drink

Ever home bar needs a house specialty drink. If you don’t have one then just use Eddie’s.

Eddie Garcia’s DIY “House Special” Recipe

1 ½ oz. Spirit

¾ oz.  Lemon, Lime or Yuzu juice (Fresh and pulp strained please)

¾ oz. Liqueur (Triple Sec is a good place to start)

¼ oz. Simple Syrup

Pour ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake vigorously.  Pour into desired glass.

Feel free to mix and match Spirits, Citrus and liqueurs. And Remember . . . . . ALWAYS measure!

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