3 Fun Ways to Improve Your Memory & Sharpen Your Brain

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By: Kristina Guerrero | Jessica Robertson Posted: 9:21 PM, Feb 20, 2018

There are many ways to sharpen your memory: diet, sleep, flashcards…but what about mentalism? You read that right! We spoke with renowned mentalist Paul Draper, who explains that improving your memory is all about neuroplasticity – or growing new pathways in your brain. Read on for Paul’s three ways to boost your brain.


1. The PEG Memory System

Step one is learning about the PEG system, which entails making a list of rhymed numbers and objects that have already been memorized. “We've created a rhyming list of numbered rhyming words we can attach things to,” explains Paul. “One gun, two shoe, three tree, four door, five hive, six sticks, seven heaven, eight gate, nine vine, and ten hen.” Then you associate, or "peg", what you want to remember – like a grocery list – to those rhymed words. Paul uses Frosted Mini-Wheats as an example: “Okay, I see those little Frosted Mini-Wheats. [Then] I take out a gun, shoot it. Boom, Frosted Mini-Wheats everywhere! One gun, Frosted Mini-Wheats.” Here Paul has "pegged" the Mini-Wheats to the gun he already had memorized. Make sense? The more you practice this, the better you’ll get!


2. Know Which Kind of a Learner You Are

Second on our list is knowing which of the three main types of a learners you are. A kinesthetic or "physical" learner can remember one’s name by tapping the syllables on their knee. If you’re an oral learner, you can remember names by repeating them three times. Or if you're a visual learner, you can use your mind to see an association with the name. Once you figure out which learner you are, you’re ready for step three!


3. The Rule of Grouping

Our final memory sharpener is the rule of grouping! "Your brain can only cope with about four items at any given time,” Paul reveals. That's why phone and social security numbers are grouped with dashes. You can use the same mechanism to remember any sequence of numbers – whether it’s a date in history, or a friend’s birthday. Now you’ll never have an excuse to forget a special occasion!


The more you understand how your brain works, the easier it is to improve your memory. Learn more of Paul’s secrets by following his Facebook and Instagram.


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