3 funny NBA Finals sketches even better than the game

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 9:36 PM, Jun 9, 2017

Tonight's the night…the night when the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers battle for supremacy in the NBA. But with every story of war on the court, there's also a love story in the wings, and the story of the NBA finals this year is no different. Kevin Durant and LeBron James may be from rival basketball houses, but their love can never be torn apart, just like this video from Bleacher Report shows us all:

*wipes tear* It's just so beautiful! If Kevin and LeBron's love can withstand the trials of an NBA championship, your love can withstand anything! And this year's finals has given us more than just heartwarming reminders that love can conquer all trophies – it's also given us some hilarious viral videos. So get pumped for the game, and have a few belly laughs, with these 3 giggle-worthy NBA Finals parodies.

1. Game of Zones: KD's Summer Odyssey

Before he got to the finals, Kevin Durant had to go on a quest to find the right house – er – team to fight for. This Game of Thrones-NBA mash-up turns the NBA teams he scouted into GOT houses and follows as Sir Durant lands at House Warriors and makes King LeBron get his horses in gear because the Finals…are coming.

2. Superteam: A Warriors Musical

When Kevin Durant found his place at the Warriors table, the league started to see the team as, no longer Golden State golden boys, but as mighty villains looking to steal another win from unsuspecting teams. While some people might be upset at this turn on the team, Stephen Curry isn't very worried, as depicted in this animated musical about the Warriors going bad.

3. TomoNews' NBA Finals Preview

The animators of this video tell you the story of how both the Cavs and the Warriors got to Finals, while also giving you hilarious computer animations of the players, from the old offense and "the world is flat" believers that make up the Cavalier team to the emotional moments Steph Curry has every now and then…

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