3 funny parodies of BBC’s interrupted dad interview

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By: Dave Taylor | Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:37 PM, Mar 15, 2017

Quickly becoming an internet favorite, the video of a political science professor doing a BBC interview and getting an unexpected interruption is getting more and more views by the day. And the bigger a video gets, the more parodies that follow. Check out one of our favorite send-ups, brought to you by Youtuber and comedian Kevonstage:

We can't decide what's more hilarious: the dad's take on the rescue attempts by the mom in the original vid, the interviewee cracking up the whole way, or the commitment of the boy coming in as the unwelcome distraction. Either way, they had us laughing. If you can't get enough of these spoofs on the interview, we've found 3 other hilarious parodies of the video for your enjoyment.

1. "Could You Give Me a Hand?"

This parody features surprise guests with some interesting needs…see what happens when your roommate is home during your BBC interview and needs to borrow a couple of things before they head out…

2. "I Will Turn This Interview Around!"

This parody isn't in English but laughter is a universal language. Check out what happens when the interviewee in this video spoof is not taking any nonsense from her interview crashers.

3. "Oh My Goggles"

In this parody, one of the tiny special guests to the interview is donning a pair of big goggles. The better to see the BBC anchor with, surely! Those Skype video boxes can get tiny!

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