3 funny Rube Goldberg machines changing lives

One of the reasons we love technology is that it helps us in so many ways: it can tell us what the weather is like in a whole different state; or teach us about the rituals of ancient kings and queens; or help us wake up on time in the morning after a crazy night of partying. And we don't mean with some lame alarm clock. Check out this Rube Goldberg machine that pours water, makes food, even cares for its drunk creator!

Building the machine took Youtuber Chris Reinacher three days, followed by two days of filming; all for three and a half minutes of pure awesomeness. If you can't believe that this worked out for Chris (well, you know, almost), check out these other 3 ridiculous, delicious, and hilarious Rube Goldberg machines that you won't believe actually end up working out (instead of just making a big mess).

1. The Breakfast Machine

Don't have time to study or read and eat? Save time by doing them both at the same time with Joseph's Machine's Breakfast Machine.

2. World's Slowest Rube Goldberg

When you usually see a Rube Goldberg machine, it takes a bit of time, but this set-up uses some of the slowest moving things (molasses, grass growing, literal turtles…) to see just how long it would take the golf ball to get to the hole at the end. Not to mention that its set to sweet tunes.

3. Fortune Telling Machine

Don't take the chance that if you open your fortune cookie the wrong way, your fortune will change to something awful! Okay, maybe it won't change, but sometimes after a giant Chinese food dinner, you're so full that you can barely lift your arms to open your cookie. That's where this machine by Hevesh5 would come in handy.

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