3 Gadgets That Can Help Keep You Safe and Secure

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By: Donna Ruko | Orlando Morales Posted: 7:18 PM, Jan 30, 2017

When it comes to safety there are new inventions out there that can help. Donna Ruko has three innovative new gadgets that can help keep you safe and secure.

1.  Prevent Biometrics Mouth Guard

This is made for contact sports like football or boxing and it keeps track of hits to the head. Through an app, coaching staff and parents get info like impact force, location and direction as well as a history of all the hits a player has taken since they started using the mouth guard. This should hit the market in 2018 and go for around $200.

2.  Athena

This is a piece of jewelry that aims to reduce assaults. It’s the next generation of wearable technology and helps empower women to live their lives boldly without fear. If you're in a sketchy situation you press the button for three seconds. It'll send text messages to your family and friends with your exact location and sound a loud alarm. It also has a silent mode that sends your location without the beeps. You can preorder one for around $100.

3.  Cosmo Connected

This is a brake light that attaches to motorcycle helmets and notifies emergency services of your location if this happens. Pick one up for around $100.

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