3 Gadgets To Help You Quit Smoking For Good

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By: Bradley Hasemeyer | Orlando Morales Posted: 6:26 PM, Nov 15, 2016

Are you looking to drop that bad smoking habit, but aren’t having any luck. Maybe it’s time you let tech assist you. Bradley Hasemeyeri has three innovative gadgets that can help you quit for good.

1.  Pavlok

This bracelet is all about shock therapy. Every time you do, or even think about a behavior you're trying to break, hit the lightning bolt on the wrist band and brace yourself for a zap. Pick one up for around $200.

2.  Quitbit

This is like a Fitbit for smoking. It tracks your cigarettes, and how long it's been since your last one. The more conscious you are of the numbers, the more likely you are to quit. Pick one up fro around $130.

3.  kSafe

This is basically a cookie jar with a time lock, helping you curb your sugar habit or if you put cigarettes in there, your nicotine cravings. Pick one up for around $50.

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