3 galactic companies taking you into space

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By: Donna Ruko | Dave Taylor Posted: 5:38 PM, Mar 21, 2017

The hottest new vacation destination: outer space. Elon Musk's company Space-X is planning to send two people on a trip around the moon. The only downside? Oh, just a price tag in the tens of millions of dollars. But don't give up on those galactic dreams – Donna Ruko is helping you "space out" for less with Virgin Galactic, World View, and Zero G.

1. Virgin Galactic

Richard Branson's pioneering spacecraft company is giving people the opportunity to feel like astronauts. You can hold your place to be a part of their astronaut community for the low price of a $250K deposit. Not the cheapest price tag, but it might be worth it for the space stories you bring back.

2. World View

With 50 flights under its belt so far, World View wants to make the wonder of space travel more accessible to people by bringing the incredible views of space to a window near you. At a little cheaper than a Galactic deposit, you'll float over 100,000 feet above the atmosphere with the help of a high altitude balloon, giving you a spectacular sight of the world above us. And only for $75K!

3. Zero G

At $5,000 for 7 minutes, Zero G is the least expensive taste-of-space trip you can sign up for. You'll be able to see and feel what it's like to be completely weightless without gravity. Enjoy eating, jumping, gliding, and partying like an astronaut. And maybe whet your appetite for an even grander space trip in the future (when you can save up the cash).

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