3 Gaming Charities Making Positive Impacts for Children

Playing video games can be a fun pastime, but some are using it to give back to their community. Video game charities are organizations that team up with gamers to raise money for those in need. So we’re showing you three organizations you should check out!


1. Extra Life


First up is Extra Life, a charity that raises funds for children’s hospitals by having gamers commit to playing any kind of game marathon-style – kinda like being sponsored for a 5k. How can gamers get involved? “You sign up, [and] you select what children’s hospital you want to play for, and you get an online fund-raising page,” explains Senior Director Mike Kinney. “After that, it’s going out to your friends and family and saying, hey, guys, I’m playing games to help the kids at my local hospital – would you donate?” Sounds like fun to us!


2. Able Gamers


Up next is Able Gamers – a non-profit devoted to helping gamers who have limited mobility.

Even companies like Microsoft are catching up – which recently released their adaptive controller that’s purely devoted to making video games more accessible to those with special needs.


3. Gamer’s Outreach


At number three is Gamers Outreach, a charitable organization that brings video game systems to youngsters in hospitals. “We hope to use these go-karts just to give any kid who wants a little bit of an escape to have some fun,” shares Outreach Coordinator Scott Kerbs. “These are mobile enough that we can bring them into the patients’ rooms. We can bring [them] into the room here to have tournaments. There’s a lot of opportunities for kids to have fun.” Sounds like a great way to pass the time in a hospital bed.


As you can see, video games aren’t just fun – they can have a positive impact, too!