3 Genius Kitchen Gadgets Made Just for Clumsy People

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Posted: 5:38 PM, May 25, 2018 Updated: 2:51 AM, Jun 19, 2018

Cooking by far is the number one cause of home fires each year in the U.S. And if you happen to be uncoordinated in the kitchen, well, that number is surely going up. But never fear! We're bringing you three of our favorite kitchen gadgets for clumsy people.  

1. No Cry Gloves 

Cutting fruits and vegetables can be dangerous. One slip of the knife and you know, you could put yourself in danger of losing a finger. That's where No Cry Gloves come in to protect your precious appendages from harm. You can purchase No Cry Gloves online for around $10. 

2. Spill Resistant Wine Glass 

You must make cooking enjoyable, so invest in a Spill Resistant Wine Glass that you won't knock over in your clumsy cooking path. With this wine glass, you'll never have to worry about crying over spilled wine. You can get it online starting at $11. 

3. HappyCall Pan 

We can all agree that trying to make a perfectly-round pancake is a challenge to say the least. But HappyCall Pan is here to help you with the perfect flip. It's a non-stick, double-sided pan to help you become a master flipper by taking out the dreaded middle man – the spatula. You can get various types of HappyCall Pans online starting for around $45.  

4. Oven Rack Guards 

If you're tired of burning yourself with super-hot oven racks, then this next gadget is just for you. The Oven Rack Guards are incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is snap them on your oven rack and they're ready to protect you from serious burns. You can find Oven Rack Guards online starting at about $7. 

Just because you're a little uncoordinated, doesn't mean you have to ruin a good meal! 

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