3 Grandparent Fashion Trends That Will Have You Looking Fabulous

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By: Teresa Strasser | Elyse Johnson Posted: 4:46 PM, Nov 2, 2016 Updated: 11:27 AM, Jul 5, 2018

We look to our elders for wisdom about life and love, but we are starting to look at them for fashion advice as well. Teresa Strasser and fashion expert Elyse Johnson have three rocking grandparent trends that will have you looking fabulous.

1.  Kitten Heels

They come in a variety of colors and patterns. With retailers like Zara and H&M offering the style you won’t have to spend all your silver dollars on these. Just be careful how you style your short heel.

2.  Hemline

For the mid length look you can go pleated, slits, fit and flare. These looks have rocked by Golden Girls, Chelsea Handler and the fabulous Jennifer Lawrence.

3.  Aviators

Granny glasses are one thing, but this trend is borrowed from grandpa. These hot glasses can be found at it girl central stores like ASOS and Urban Outfitters.

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