3 groovy ways to get in on the vinyl revival

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By: Jared Cotter Posted: 9:01 PM, Jun 5, 2017

What was once a niche market, vinyl records have gone from fad to mad as sales are about to reach $1 billion and even surpass online digital music downloads. It's not just about better sound quality. You also have something tangible that you can sell and trade it. If you're looking to go old school, Jared Cotter has three ways to get in on the vinyl revival.

1.  Buy Local

Why come to a record store as opposed to going online and buying some records? Not only can you see what you're buying, but you might even be inspired by a cover. You might go home and listen to it and find a great record you never knew existed.

2.  Go Analog and Digital

An entry level turntable with a USB port is quite inexpensive and it will let you transfer the music from the record to your computer or mobile device, taking those classic tunes on the go.

3.  Store and Handle Records Correctly

The best way to store a record is upright in a plastic sleeve. Never lay them flat because that'll cause them to warp. Also, keep them in a cool place.

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