3 grown-up lifestyle trends made for babies

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By: Donna Ruko | Elyse Johnson Posted: 7:18 PM, Apr 11, 2017

Important thought of the day: Babies have got it made in the shade. Think about it! Adulting is so hard: laundry and groceries and bills and work – who needs it? Sometimes we wish we could just lay down for a nap nap and be a little kid for a couple of days – but then again, you'd have to give up your spa appointments and wear lame clothes, right? Wrong. 2017 is changing things for babies and tots. Check out these three adult lifestyle trends that have been made baby-friendly.

1. The Baby Spa

If you and/or your baby (hopefully and) happen to be around Houston, Texas, stop by Float Baby, a spa dedicated to making babies happier and healthier with soaks and massages.

2. Bye, Bye, Big Wheel; Hello, Big Heels

Forget those socks made to look like shoes! Your kiddos can make a statement with their footwear when they put on these high heel infant crib shoes with collapsible heels and soft soles.

3. Gentleman Mustachifier

With all the talk about hipster mustaches and waxes and pomades going around, you don't want your baby left out in the uncool cold do you? Of course not! Make sure your baby looks the coolest at the Farmer's Market with this mustachioed pacifier, for around just $10.

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