3 Healthy Alternatives to Coconut Water

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By: Lindsey Granger Posted: 8:37 PM, Sep 12, 2016 Updated: 11:31 PM, Jan 4, 2022

You’ve seen coconut water in the store, with its palm trees and promises of ultimate hydration, but now that trendy beverage is being challenged! Lindsey Granger has three other healthy waters looking to drown it out.

1.  Birch Water

This detoxing super-liquid claims to flush out toxins, treating liver disease and reduce cellulite. A company called Sapp even claims their birch water has 80% less sugar than coconut water.

2.  Watermelon Water

This fancy water promoted by Beyoncé has no added sugar or artificial ingredients, consists of only watermelon and a drop of organic lemon juice. It also packs in amino acids and electrolytes.

3.  Maple Water

This water boasts that it has more manganese than an entire cup of kale and half the sugar of their coconut rival. If you’re still not sold, know this- a portion of all proceeds from every single bottle of Drink Maple goes to charity.

That’s three trendy new waters floating to the top and looking to take out coconut water.

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