3 High-End Electronics to Class Up Your Home

By: Olivia Schneider | Kristina Guerrero Posted: 12:20 PM, Nov 16, 2018 Updated: 12:25 PM, Nov 16, 2018

Home is where the heart is and, depending on your budget, it’s where the high-class, fancy pants electronics are too! The List is checking out some pricey gizmos to class up the home…if they don’t break the bank first.

1. Temi, The Personal Robot

The Jetsons robot housekeeper Rosie was ahead of her time. Think of Temi is a modern-day Rosie. This thing interacts with humans, tracks your movements, responds accordingly, and it navigates completely on its own. Temi completes tasks from playing music to video chatting and even keeping the whole family together. She will run you $1,500 bucks.

2. Samsung’s “Family Hub” Smart Refrigerator

Samsung’s “Family Hub” Smart Refrigerator dominates the heart of the home. This fridge can do a lot in the kitchen, except make the food itself. It has built-in apps and you can even watch TV! But the most unique feature is the internal camera. And you’ll need to chill out because the ice box is running at $4,800.

3. The Omigo Toilet Seat

Finally, a throne worthy of royalty — the new Omigo toilet seat. That’s right. This seat rolls out all the bells and whistles for you. The seat will warm up when you sit down and includes customizable controls so you can set the temperature to your liking. And things will stay fresh as a daisy because of its built-in carbon filter deodorizer. This fancy flusher is going to run you $750.

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