3 high-flying circus art workouts to get you fit

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By: Frenchie Aguilh Posted: 7:26 PM, Apr 3, 2017

It's American Circus Day! Did you ever want to be in the circus, doing high-flying flips on trapezes and making elegant poses with silks up in rafters? Well you aren't too old and you aren't too stiff for your dreams to still come true! Everyone can live out their Big Top dreams while burning between 300 and 400 calories per hour, toning your whole body, and learning mind-blowing tricks when you try a circus art workout class like trapeze, lyra, or aerial silks – beginners welcome!

1. Trapeze

If you've ever wanted to defy heights with crazy stunts, a trapeze class might be for you! This classic circus performance art can improve your upper body and core strength and increase coordination while releasing muscle tension. You'll learn everything from how to catch a partner's ankles high up in the air to how to do flips, tricks, and other air choreography. Plus, you get stronger as you go by using your own body weight, helping you watch your progression as your tricks progress too.

2. Aerial Hoop

Aerial hoop or lyra is an art form where the performer makes poses and passes in a suspended metal hoop. Lyra can help you stay fit by improving full body control, balance and flexibility, and building endurance. Plus, it strengthens and tones your core as you use it to lift yourself into and around the hoop and tones your arms as you flip into poses and climb into different moves.

3. Aerial Silk

You've seen artists and gymnasts use these delicate fabrics to contort into different positions as well as spiral, swing or suspend their bodies, all while holding themselves up on the fabric the whole time! Known as one of the most demanding (but still easy to learn!) aerial art forms, silks is a total body work out – strengthening muscles in your arms, not usually target by traditional workouts, working your core, legs, and, back – plus it heightens body awarenesss, increases body flexibility, and looks prettier than just lifting weights at the gym.

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