3 high-tech flashlights that will light up your life

When it comes to gadgets most guys have a soft spot for flashlights. It must be something going back to cavemen and torches, but if you've got a guy who lights up your life. Donna Ruko has three high-tech options that will light up your life.

1.  FlashTorch Mini

This is a flashlight so powerful that it can actually light a fire! It has three power settings going up to 23 hundred lumens, so after you use it to blind a bear, it'll fry an egg. Pick one up for $200.

2.  LitraTorch

This is a rugged water-proof mini led light and though it's palm sized, it packs a punch with 22 hundred lumens. It even comes with photography friendly accessories like a light diffuser, color filters and Go-Pro mounts just to name just a few. A cool feature is you can stick it on metal surfaces. Pick one up for around $80.

3.  Ankor

This USB rechargeable, waterproof, 300 lumen light has a twist. It also packs a wrench, screwdriver, measuring device, bottle opener and box cutter. You can preorder one for around $124 and expect shipment in April.

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